See Change ….. with peak Sports performance in mind

At See Change we can help you:
• Improve communication – Coach/Player, Player/Player, Players/Opponent
• Develop rapport, motivate and build a successful team
• Set achievable goals
• Use imagery and visualisation as a “short-cut” to success.
• Avoid burn-out.
• Create mental toughness
• Overcome pre-performance anxiety
• Deal with concentration problems
• Improve self-confidence
• Overcome fear of failure
• Deal with performance slumps
• Operate outside your “comfort zone”

87% of Olympic athletes train their brains as well as their bodies, utilising proven mental strategies to improve performance
95% of sport is played in the mind

In today’s fast-paced world of competitive sport, learning the right mental skills for preparation, performance
and competitions has become more important than ever – it is most likely to be the difference between champions and also-rans.
At See Change, we understand the simple truth of that statement. We have devoted time and effort in discovering the secrets of successful mind-coaching for sports-people and know the difference it makes to both teams and individuals. Having coached, observed and listened to many athletes we know this form of training can be “the difference that makes the difference”.
Even the most technically gifted, physically strong and professionally qualified people will underachieve if they ignore or leave to chance the mental side of performance.
Our aim is to help you or your team, working alongside your coach/trainer, to develop your mind-skills and mental toughness to reach your full potential.